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IBOK Rescue Adoption Application


A) Fill out an Adoption Application:  Online Application--click here>>

B) Copy and paste the text below into an email with your answers and send to


C) Download this as a wordiconword document, fill it out and email it to us . You can also fill it out and bring it to an adoption fair. 

Itty Bitty Orphan Kitty - Application to Adopt

Please provide the requested information and answer the questions below. We ask for this information to determine whether your home will be a suitable match for the cats you would like to adopt.




Telephone Number(s):

Email Address:

1. Have you ever adopted an animal from a rescue/animal control agency? ____yes _____no

a. Have you ever had an application rejected for adoption of an animal from a rescue/animal control
facility? ____yes _____no explain:

2. Why do you want to adopt a cat?

3. What do you think are the most important responsibilities in owning a cat?

4. If a disciplinary or behavior problem arises, what steps will you take to work on it?

5. Any member of the family have any allergies to animals? ____yes ____no explain:

6. For whom are you adopting the cat? ____self ____gift ____child

7. Have you ever owned a pet before? ____yes ____no

8. Describe those pets you still own:

Name --- Type --- Age --- Sex (spay/neuter?)---
Comments (e.g. indoor/outdoor?)

9. Describe those pets you no longer own: Name --- Type --- Sex (spay/neuter?) --- Comments (where are
they now? Date and age at death/giveaway?)

10. List name & phone number of each vet where your animal(s) received care over the last 10 years:
Clinic name(s): Doctor(s): Phone number (inc. area code) for each: What owner name(s) are records listed
under: Date of last vet visit:

11. Do you have a different vet in mind for your new pet? ____yes ____no a. if yes, who:

12. How much do you expect vet care, food, litter will cost annually?

a. what kind of food do you plan to give your cat?

b. where do you plan to put the litterbox?

13. How many people currently reside in your household? ______

a. any children in the household? _____yes _____no
list ages:

14. Who will feed the cat and clean out the litter box?

15. Are you planning on declawing? ____yes ____no ____not sure

16. Where do you live? ___house ___townhouse ___duplex ___condo ___apartment ___trailer

17. Do you own or rent your residence? ____own ____rent

a. if rent, name of landlord and phone number?

b. are pets allowed? ____yes ____no ____not sure

c. is there an additional charge for pets? ____yes ____no ____not sure

18. Where will the cat be kept? ____indoors only ____outdoors only ____both in/out - explain briefly:

19. Will anyone be home during the day? ____yes ____no

a. how many hours will the cat be left unattended?

b. when no one is home, where will the cat be kept?

20. When you are home, where will the cat be kept?

a. where will the cat sleep?

21. How frequently do you make business/vacation trips?

a. What will you do with the cat when you travel?

22. If you move, what will you do with the cat?

23. Are you or your spouse with the military? ____yes ____no

24. Are you aware of our spay/neuter policy (requires that all dogs/cats in household be spayed or
neutered)? ____yes ____no

25. Are you aware of the adoption fees (cats $125 nonrefundable donation)? ____yes ____no

26. Please list what kind of routine veterinary care you plan to provide for your cat (including flea
control, shots, etc., if known)

27. Are you financially capable of taking care of the cat, including quality food, regular veterinary care,
and emergency/elective veterinary care when necessary?
____yes ____no

28. A well cared for cat may live into its late teens or beyond. Are you willing to keep the cat as a member of
your family for that length of time? ____yes ____no

29. Are you familiar with your local animal control laws? ____yes ____no

30. Are you willing to sign legal pet adoption papers? ____yes ____no

31. Are you willing to work with a "special needs" cat (one that is adoptable but may require extra time,
patience or care to acclimate to a new home)?

32. Please list any preferences you have in adopting a cat (age, sex, breed, personality):

33. Which cat(s) are you interested in?

I pledge that the above information is true and complete. Further, I give permission to contact my landlord and my veterinarian (as appropriate).

Signature ________________________