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Adoption Information

Thank you for wanting to adopt a rescued kitty!

All of our very young kittens are adopted in pairs! Please don't ask us to separate them!  To learn why, please read this:  Why Kittens Should Be Adopted in Pairs?   

Adoption Application

A) Click here to fill out an adoption application online. You will be asked to create a log-in.


B) Click here for the Adoption Application in word or to copy/paste into an email.

Matching Process

To ensure our kitties are matched with an appropriate, forever home, please be aware that there is a matching/screening process involved in adopting a pet from IBOK Rescue.

IBOK Rescue makes a concerted effort to match each kitty with a suitable new home.

Each kitty is different, with different needs and idiosyncrasies. This is why we screen potential adoptive homes so carefully. Not only does this help in finding the best forever homes, but that we are placing our kitties in loving, responsible, and committed homes.

Sometimes, as wonderful a home as you may have, a particular animal may just not be suitable for your situation. An animal that has had bad experiences with small children is not a good choice as a family pet. One, who is afraid of loud noises, would not do well in a home with a busy family. Just the opposite, an active animal that thrives on activity and action would be miserable in a home with someone who works 40+ hours a week and gives no other stimulation.

NOTE: We reserve the right to turn down potential adopters as we deem necessary.


Adoption Procedure


We provide the following services to each animal under our care.
All monies donated are used to pay the medical bills of the animals that come into our care. As we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization and receive no government funding, we would be unable to offer services without your donation.



We interview all potential parents to ensure the well-being of the animal to be adopted. After a successful interview an adoption agreement is signed. The agreement covers the following qualifications for adoption:

To be considered for adoption:

Returning A Kitty

If for any reason you wish or need to return a cat you've adopted from us, you can do so within 72 hours for a full refund of the adoption donation. After that, be it months or years later, if you need to give up your kitty, please contact us for assistance and we will do our best to help you find him or her a new home.