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We are a non-profit, no-kill rescue group based in San Jose, California

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Jamie was adopted through the San Jose Animal Shelter's foster program in 2017. She was surrendered to them in July 2019 with a broken jaw and severe damage to her gums and mouth tissue. IBOK Rescue took her in and has been getting her the surgery and care that she needs to get better. She is now fu...read more about Jamie
Jasper aka “Mr. Handsome" is a mellow little guy who loves to explore. He is a very curious kitten and is especially interested in ceiling fans. He has a super cute raspy little meow and loves to have conversations with anyone that will listen. He has been raised with kids, dogs and lots of no...read more about Jasper
  Capt Marvel-ous
Capt. Marvel-ous was found as a preemie newborn with a sibling on the helipad of Regional Medical Center. Her sibling did not survive, but with aggressive supportive care, including tube feeding, we were able to pull this little girl through. She was a bit of a micro kitten and was slow to grow and ...read more about Capt Marvel-ous
Fury is an amazingly sweet kitten who has been bottlefed and lovingly handraised since she was a few days old. She was found at a park in Los Banos where some bad little boys were trying to use her as a hacky sack! Fortunately, someone came along and rescued her and got her safely to IBOK. She screa...read more about Fury
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Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday January 25th, 2020
Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday February 1st, 2020
Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday February 8th, 2020
Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday February 15th, 2020