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We are a non-profit, no-kill rescue group based in San Jose, California

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During kitten season, IBOK Rescue has young kittens who are not yet posted to this site as they are too young for adoption yet. For more information on our younger kittens, please contact us. Thank you! Did you know that black kitties are always the last to be adopted? They often end up stuck foste...read more about Kittens!!!!
For the perfect companionship, Louie needs to be adopted alongside his closely bonded sibling, Sophia. Louie is a laid-back and mellow feline who relishes in the company of his sister. He enjoys leisurely activities such as bird-watching from the expansive window overlooking the backyard, scaling th...read more about Louie
Sophia is seeking a loving forever home, with her sibling Louie. This spirited feline adores engaging in playful activities, whether it's solo or with her sibling. Sophia is a bundle of energy, eagerly chasing after her toys and basking in the company of her human. She's quite active and appreciates...read more about Sophia
Portia is seeking a loving forever home where she can be the only cat and get all of the love and attention for herself. She might do well with a cat-friendly dog, but she had a trauma experience with another cat and we feel she would prefer not sharing her home with other cats. she is very friendly...read more about Portia
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Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday April 6th, 2024
Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday April 13th, 2024
Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday April 20th, 2024
Kitten Adoption Fair! -- Saturday April 27th, 2024